The Columbus Conspiracy (2021)

A historic thriller inspired by the mystery, deceit and crimes of Christopher Columbus and the 500-years conspiracy to cover up his true identity and mission.

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The Columbus Conspiracy is a speculative historical thriller inspired by the contradictions around Columbus life. The “rags to riches” story of an inspired, brilliant but mercurial, obsessive and self-serving adventurer, capable of unspeakable atrocities, created a global myth that arouses contradictory reactions. However, the traditional schoolbook account of his life is ridden with mysteries, contradictions, forged documents and books with pages ripped off, all the ingredients of a plot that lasted five hundred years and only recently is being revealed for what it is: a fairy tale. The book combines a present day murder mystery with the 15th century power politics and religious quests, set against the background of the always extraordinary, sometimes gruesome Age of Discoveries.

An American PhD student is found death, bleeding from a suspicious pentagram-shaped cut in her wrist. She was in Lisbon doing research on Christopher Columbus. Thirteen years later, her twin sister (a disillusioned wall street banker struggling between the demands of her job and the pressure to have a baby) returns to Lisbon to retrace her steps, unaware she would face a complex web of crossed stories, cyphered messages and mistaken identities, a puzzle she will need to solve to uncover her sister’s murder and Columbus tremendous secret: a forbidden Book kept hidden for 500-years.

A passionate, fiery first-person account by Columbus up to his first expedition, as he looks forward to complete his secret mission, and the personal sacrifices he has to make, leaving behind the love of his life to assume a fake identity in Spain.

The memories of Columbus’ son Fernando, looking back with a tranquil, analytical view from the fourth expedition onwards, describing vividly the amazement of the first contacts with new civilizations, the atrocities unleashed by the ‘Conquistadores’, and a view of Columbus as a man torn apart between conflicting loyalties: a humiliated, erratic, sick and hallucinating man with bouts of brilliance and sheer courage, striving to protect the forbidden Book from the claws of the Inquisition.

Take a look at the long list of intriguing facts about Columbus that inspired the book: the facts behind the myth.

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